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Cross country skiing with a dog

Would you like to discover, explore, and learn a new way to have an exciting adventure?
Do you love dogs, but can't have one? You could meet your new best friend!?

Do you want to try something different when you are going on a cross country skiing trip? Would you like to challenge yourself?  Getting pulled by a dog is a totally fun way to go cross country skiing. You might even get spoiled a bit when they drag you around! Kids love adventures like this, and the challenge is suitable to anyone on the skies, even kids. 

You will find us in a little mountain area called Synnfjellet. About a 40 minutes drive from Spåtind Sportshotell. An hour drive from Lillehammer. Little under 3 hours from Oslo.
Keep in mind. We are not a mass tourist company, we just love meeting new friends and letting them enjoy and experience a new way of an exciting adventure.
Therefore can we only offer a maximum group of 4.
Svart Vasket Wall


Are you tough enough to tackle a Norwegian winter? As we say here in Norway, there is no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothing.

Here are some tips on winter clothing for the trips:

1. Inner layer: should be something that is breathing, I recommend wool. Do not use cotton!
2. Thicker layer: I recommend wool, but you can use fleece too. this layer you can use to take on and off depending on your body temperature.
3. Last layer: Windproof jacket and pants, sometimes waterproof too, in mild condition, but remember it needs to be breathable material.
4. Wool socks, maybe even two.
5. Good skiing boots for winter and of course the skies fallowing with the boots.
6. Good warm and windproof hat and mittens. Do not use just gloves! I recommend having thin woolen gloves to use inside the mittens or keep it in your pockets, to use when you are handling the dogs.
7. Snow goggles, sunglasses, not a must, but i do recommend if it is very windy and snowing at the same time or very sunny. The snow gets really bright.
Svart Vasket Wall

Cito's challenging adventure.


The trip can take a group of four people, we can bring two more to the group if they are experienced. Maximum of 2 kids. We try to stick together as much as we can. But at the same time not on top of each other. We always respect other people on the trail.

We decide on the day, based on the weather conditions if we'll take a break to enjoy some hot chocolate and homemade cookies at the turning point. Or if we'll just do the whole trail and enjoy it back home in the kennel with the seniors and puppies/young dogs.

Duration: Around 1-2  hours, all depends on weather conditions if we take a break in the mountain and or if you want to stay at the kennel.

Price: Adult (12+) : 900,-               9-12: 650,-  

Svart Vasket Wall

Pretzel's boot camp - To the top, Spåtind

The trip can take a group of four people, we can bring two more to the group if they are experienced. We can also bring a maximum of two kids if they are experienced skiers. We will meet some steep downhills so you need to be prepared. We try to stick together as much as we can. But at the same time not on top of each other. We always respect other people on the trail.

This trip is available later in the season depending on when they make the skiing trail to the top. The weather will decide how long a break we want to take at the summit. But at least long enough to have a short snack and some hot chocolate.

When we come back we make sure to take care of the dogs and bring them home. If you're up for it you can spend some time with the seniors and the puppies/young dogs at our kennel.

Duration: Around 4-5  hours, it all depends on weather conditions, which route we take, and if you want to stay a bit at the kennel.

Price: Adult with experience: 1500,-      

Kids with experience: 1150,-

Svart Vasket Wall

You need a sleep-over place?

Unfortunately, we don't have a place for you to sleep. Unless you want to sleep in a tent or a hammock.

But we have some recommendations that we can give you that is a lot warmer.

We have some Airbnb around that you could rent. Our musher friend rents out Sandbakken. But there are others. I would look at the once between Bakkebygdi and Fossum. They are the closest to us.

We have a mountain hotel that offers more than Airbnb. The Spåtind hotel/lodge has a slope you can go snowboarding or skiing in. Nice cross-country skiing trails for miles, and a pool you can play in later in the day. But it does take a 40-minute drive from the hotel to me and is the furthest option away.

We do have a closer option that also has a slope you can go skiing or snowboarding in. They also have miles with cross-country skiing trails. The mountain lodge has small cabins you can rent and is only 15-minute drive to my place.

Svart Vasket Wall
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