Svart Vasket Wall


Our yearly calendar is up for sale.

Support the dog's food and equipment by buying their calendar.

The calendars are for now only in Norwegian, with the Norwegian holidays marked as red. But if you don't mind that it is in Norwegian we do send Internationally too.  

Since the season of Christmas is coming and people are running around buying gifts, why not get a gift for your loved ones that last all year?

Send us an e-mail with your information (Full name, address, phone, e-mail).

And how many calendars you would like.

Price: 300 kr + delivery fee
(30 Euro or 30 dollars)

Svart Vasket Wall


We have giftcards for you if you are looking to buy a different but fun experience for a loved one. Our giftcards last for the up coming season and the next winter season incase something should happen that keeps you from using it the first season.

Check our the different giftcards underneeth. If none of them works for you. Contact us and lets find something that fits.