Svart Vasket Wall


My niece picked the theme Marvel universe and the names for this puppy litter. But of course, if you choose to buy you don't have to keep the name. The puppies will get deworming treatment at 3, 6, and if they stay as long as 9 weeks too. They will get their health checked out, vaccinated, and chipped. You'll receive a dog collar and a pack with the food they have eaten.

The mother, Lucia came to us in the end of February this year. We are currently getting to know each other.  She was a high performance competing sled dog. The previous owner told me very little about her other than she has genes from Thomas wærner and Sigrid Ekran and som other good mushers. I have tried to get a hold of the family tree but so far nothing, so can't document for it. Things happened so fast at this exchange and suddenly she was just in our family. The previous owner did not mention to me that she was in heat. Therefor I  let her run free with all my male dogs.  And I was busy doing other things. I know Ludwig mated with her that is how I found out she was in heat. But I can't rule out two fathers. They had time for it. The time I have spent with Lucia. She is strong sled dog. Have focus on the job and have exceptional endurance. She has been trained for dog sledding. But nothing else. she did not know how to walk on a leash or be inside. Having a puppy litter now was not the best for her. But with support from my senior retired sled dog Cito. The puppies are not as stressed as the mother.

MJ is the biggest girl in the puppy litter. Loves food. Her energy has been a bit up and down. She does love to cuddle but sometimes she thinks it is to much. She as the others have a lot of energy and needs a family with a lot of energy too. She will be a great hiking companion or even a great girl who loves mushing.

Born: 23. April 2021
Gender: Female

Father: Ludwig
Mother: Lucia

Breeder: Sarah Lewis

Trekkhund register ID: 

Delivery ready:

Price: 7000 NOK


Svart Vasket Wall