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Theme for this puppy litter is Star Wars universe. But of course, if you choose to buy you don't have to keep the name. The names are there for me to keep thepuppies apart from eachother as they grow up here. The puppies will get deworming treatment at 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks. They will get their health checked out, and be vaccinated. You'll receive a dog collar and a pack with the food they have eaten.

I have delivery ready puppies at 12 weeks. That is because that is when i vaccinate the puppies. The puppies can if you want get picked up at 8 weeks, but your puppy will not be vaccinated. Then you have to take care of that yourself. The price will not change.

I also want people to come and visit the puppy before you make your choice and I make mine.

If you do decide to reserve a puppy, be sure, My reservation is 2000 NOK and you won't get it back if you change your mind. So be sure before you make a reservation. the 2000 will be reducted from the price when you pick up the puppy.

If you want to read about the puppies parents click on the parents names in the box.

If there is some information you are missing.

Feel free to contact us.

Padmé is a little hesitant but is always joining in after a little thought. She plays and has fun with the siblings. Padmé has already had to take a trip to the vet. There is something that the veterinarian does not know quite what is. Padmé has snot a lot and had snorting sounds. It's bacterial in her nose and when the vet listens to her heart she also heard a bee noise. But we don't know what's causing it to be bacterial or the bee noise. After an ultrasound of the heart. Could the vet see some fluid accumulation in the heart. Two reasons: The heart pumped so fast that not all blood went along. Or it could be a sign of an infection. That's why Padmé is on antibiotics at the moment. Then we'll see how Padmé doing after that. She is otherwise an active puppy with a good appetite.

Born: 15. March 2022
Gender: Female

Father: Kovu
Mother: Lucia

Breeder: Sarah Lewis

Trekkhund register ID: 

Delivery ready: 7. June 2022

Price: 6000 NOK

Svart Vasket Wall