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My niece picked the theme and names for this puppy litter. But of course, if you choose to buy you don't have to keep the name. The puppies will get deworming treatment at 3, 6, and if they stay as long as 9 weeks too. They will get their health checked out, vaccinated, and chipped. You'll receive a dog collar and a pack with the food they have eaten.

And you will also receive a memory pen with at least 3 digital high-resolution pictures of the puppies that I have had time to take. You'll get all pictures in a low-resolution (for the internet)

I take reservation money on 1000 NOK, and I prefer to have you visit to see the puppy before I choose to sell the puppy.

Contracts will be signed.

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Harry has always been the biggest dog. And the most popular one to cuddle with. He is more like a fluffball than the others.

Three puppies in this litter had nerve damage. The cause, we don't know. But the vet couldn't save those puppies. Before this conclusion, we took a test for the AHE all the puppies were tested. Unfortunately, Nero's test never came. The vet said. It must have happened something with it in the mail. But all the other sick puppies were negative N/N for the AHE so this was not the case. Nero has never shown signs of sickness. We just took a double check to make sure AHE was not the problem or would develop in a later stage.

The vet said there would be a miracle if Nero would be positive when all the siblings with nerve damage were negative. Technically we don't Nero's results. But AHE is hereditary disease and with no other sibling with it, he must be N/N too (negative).

Born: 20 Februar 2021
Gender: Male

Father: Ludwig
Mother: Nala

Breeder: Sarah Lewis

Trekkhund register ID: 

Delivery ready: from April 17th

Price: 7500 NOK

Svart Vasket Wall