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About me - the human

Growing up in the country is probably one of the biggest reasons, for the passion I have for animals. Second reason! They never tell your secrets to others, and they never laugh at you no matter how ridiculous you are. But it never started with dogs. If you had asked me in high school what I wanted to do? I would have said, be a veterinarian! I don't think dog sledding would have crossed my mind. It came later on when I was tired of school! I decided to take a year off and go to a Folkehøyskole. I have been handling horses since I was nine. So I thought, why not switch it up a bit, Dog sledding!  Along with outdoor activities. I'm not big on crowded places, so I chose the smallest folkehøyskole in Norway, 69 Grader Nord, in Malangen. ( It was nice because they offered dog sledding. It was so much fun I decided to work as a fellow the next year on the dog course. After two years of school, I thought, one dog would be cool to have, in the future.


Just a year later, I ended up buying the same two dogs I had for my own at school, from one of my dog sledding teachers. He was selling all his dogs since his health couldn't handle dog sledding anymore.

Yeah, that's more than one dog! But two dogs didn't last long either. The previous owner hadn't kept en eye on the dogs, so two months later... eleven puppies came out! After that Team Lewis has grown bit by bit.


Our dream is of course, to compete in Finnmarksløpet (Europes longest race) 500 km. But at the same time be ourselves and have fun on the journey.  

My name is Sarah Liora Lewis and I was born in 1988 in Akershus county. I have a little edducation in alternative medicine. And the knowledge this has given me, I use for my dogs today! 
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