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Black Washed Wall
Black Washed Wall

Gift idea for
a loved one?

Why not give a gift that can make memories?

Memories that you can feel in your bones, skin, and mind?

Memories are the one thing people always will take to their graves. Besides, it is also a perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Svart Vasket Wall

Our 2023 calendar is here.

Making calendars started out as a Christmas gift for the closest family that could last for a year. But their friends and colleague love them and offer to buy one.
So this has become a way for the dogs to help out. And a way for you guys to support the dogs here in our team. Besides, These calendars are super Christmas gifts that will last a whole year.

Svart Vasket Wall

Have you wondered if a husky is something for you?
Or don't you have time
for a dog 24/7 but would like to have a dog as a companion on your hikes?

In our three exclusive sponsorship packages, you can borrow your sponsored dog for your adventures. It is a way for you to see if an Alaska Husky is a dog for you. Before you take the step for which dog you want. Besides, getting a dog is for their entire life.

Svart Vasket Wall

Join us on an adventure

Spending time in the wild gives you the experience of meditation. Takes you away from time and stress, and lets you just be in the moment. It also keeps you in shape and good health. This is no 3D television, this is a live experience! And in some areas you will totally be disconnected from all technology, it all depends on where you're headed. 

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Meet the family

Her you can get to know each family member a little bit better.

Svart Vasket Wall


Do you want a photo of your furry best friend? Doesn't matter if they are as active as a puppy, or as relaxed as a senior. 
Maybe you want to join in the photo?
It is nice to invest in some great photos you can keep for the rest of your life.

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